Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Day 2006 has come and gone.

Christmas day 2006 has come and gone. So you might wonder what the children of Cañaote think about that. All the scientific treaties on Howler monkeys will tell you with no equivocation that howlers eat leaves, nuts and fruit, with occasional insects and eggs. All our children had a Christmas dinner, not dissimilar to my own. Vegetables, pumpkin, carrots, cauliflower, peas. Meats, Turkey, ham, and chicken. Added, a little salt free white cheese. This was followed by a rich plate of mixed fruits. This morning the plates were bare. Every morsel consumed. Someone is teaching them bad habits. It was an enjoyable day and I wish I could have shared it with you. I took my own dinner around the enclosures and shared the time with them all. Mañiña, not happy with just his own plate, stole from mine and so did Schatov. MonaLisa helped Rosita choose the best bits. Emma and Nancy grabbed all they could in fistfuls and disappeared into their house before coming back for more. Marco as usual dropped his plate on the floor. Somehow a little bit of dirt is a great condiment for Marco. Totto and Sophie sat on their marble table and carefully examined what was being offered before launching into their Christmas dinner. Sussy sat with elegance and sophistication at her table. Unlike the younger ones, she eats with her hands, not directly into the mouth like cats and dogs. She pawed through the dinner and started with the turkey, then the chicken, then the cheese, leaving the vegetables until last. Altogether, it was a fun time and they enjoyed it. Something different for me to sit with them for my own meal. They understood this I am sure.
The photographs need little introduction. The big picture is the gang. The smaller is Sussy enjoying a day with her human mother.

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