Thursday, November 30, 2006

They must think I am rubbish

Today I revisited Ramona the street Monkey with a plate of red papaya. She greeted me with a cry of delight, jumping on my shoulder and making happy noises but her conditions have worsened. The pile of rubbish around the small tree where she is chained has grown. There are signs of rat infestation. Her coat has a lost its lovely sheen and she is pacing up and down like a caged animal. I spoke to someone from her home and he assured me that they were about to build a large enclosure for her and that her present location was only temporary. It would be a good solution if they build a cage around the existing tree, but only if they clear the area of garbage. I warned him that Ramona could become very ill if this continues. I am sure this family loves her but like so many others when confronted with a monkey problem, are at a loss to solving it. An additional problem is that Ramona is now sexually mature and is seeking a partner. She is confused because humans do not respond to her. This could increase her tendency to bite, when her overtures are rejected. William, one of my people, is particularly clever at building cages around trees. I will ask him to advise them. I imagine Ramona has been attacking passers by in the street at her former location. Well, all monkeys bite. That is the first thing you learn about monkeys. In fairness, I should tell you that Ramona sleeps in the house at night and is only chained in the daytime. I will be monitoring their progress with frequent visits. I didn't want to leave her today and there were tears in my eyes as I waved goodbye.
My pictures show the pile of garbage surrounding her tree and on the right, Pretty Ramona, chained to a tree among the garbage.

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