Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nancy goes to the restaurant.

There is no doubt that softhearted people get unnecessary problems. I had an appointment to look at a possible new site for our home. Nancy gave me one of those looks, which said ‘I am a poor little orphan; surely you are not going out without me.?’ Yes my heart melted and I reluctantly put her on my shoulder. I knew it was a mistake. She yelled all the time. She was not interested in the view from the car. I planned to put her in her blanket as we passed through the police checkpoints. No that was not to be. She shouted even louder and refused the blanket. Even a banana would not assuage the flow of tears. The house and land were interesting although far too expensive for us. It even had extensive clean chicken cages that we could have used whilst constructing new enclosures in the trees for the children. On the way home, we decided to have lunch. We selected a restaurant with a large open front, so that Nancy would not cause too much attention. She sat on the table and savaged anything she could grab. The salads disappeared and large amounts of chicken. Where do they learn to eat chicken?
You guessed, the other diners crowded around. ‘Isn’t she cute’, syndrome was in evidence. One man claimed that he had a large male Howler at home. We enjoyed a brief discussion with him about his child. I got home with ‘Never again’, on my lips. But she knows I don’t mean it. All she has to do is give me that look.

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