Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tarzan of Cañaote.

Mañiña is a happy monkey but never more so than when he knows that his human family are going to visit. He is expecting them tomorrow. In our picture left, you see him on the swing ropes. He plays on these furiously every day and is an accomplished gymnast. He uses multiple ropes at one time and all that is missing is the famous Tarzan jungle call. Having said that, he now joins the morning chorus with a strong resonating voice. The whole of Cañaote vibrates to their morning call, all ten of our children join in. This lets the local tribes know that this is the territory of the Cañaote family. In the picture on the right you see him posing for the camera, a real artist.
He shares his quarters with MonaLisa and Rosita and Schatov. They are a compatible group. Sharing food and playing together. Occasionally the games get a little rough but they are all good natured and they soon settle down. They eat together, sharing their food and drink. Their quarters are partly inside our house with a doorway leading to the outside and a couple of mature trees. Mañiña loves human company. He shares our dinner in the evening and after an exhausting day, settles down to sleep on my bed. Little Nancy, who has an eye for the boys, cuddles up alongside him.

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