Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Please put a penny in the old mans hat.

Please put a penny in the old mans hat. If you haven't got a penny a ha'penny will do. If you don't have a ha'penny God bless you.

Christmas is getting close now and things are rather tight financially at Canaote. The International economic downturn is hitting us hard. The pound against the dollar has dropped from two dollars to the pound to about one and a half. My meagre U.K pension is stretched as far as I can. We have no other income.

We wanted to build two rooms to enable us to accept volunteer aid from foreign students and professionals. This is now on permanent hold unless we receive some help.

Our local inflation here in Venezuela is running at an all time high. Obviously this affects the price of food for the children as well as ourselves. We have now twenty children to feed.

Our work has never been more needed. People are leaving Venezuela. Some are abandoning their animals to the street. This includes Monkeys and we already have several for that reason.

If you wish you can make a contribution to our work. There is a PayPal button alongside our blog. Click that and you will be taken to your PayPal account where you can make a donation. If you would prefer to donate directly to us, then our Venezuelan account is shown below.

A few of you donated generously last year. Please think of us again this year. The situation has deteriorated. Perhaps those that can and those who should, will make a small monthly deposit. This would help us more than I can say.

Account Banco Mercantile

Philip Cordrey. C.I 82216531

Account number: 0105 0101 67 1101031700

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