Saturday, March 03, 2007


Today marks seven days since Negro arrived here and we have had time to watch him and evaluate his health. From about the second day, his gait began to ring alarm bells. In the last post, I reported that he had been treated for Rickets. With this condition, the body does not form strong bone. Weakness and pain are usually present in the ankles and wrist. Our observations have confirmed that Negro is suffering from Rickets. He cannot walk well and his loss of mobility prevents him from using the bamboo walkways. We are fortunate to have had expert advice for Negro and have set up a program to treat him. He is young, possibility under one year. Therefore, the prognosis is good. Firstly, we have moved him into a small enclosure where, if he falls he is unlikely to hurt himself. He has sunlight all day, very important for the formation of vitamin D. He has a comfortable hammock and is already using it. He is within sight of a big group of our children so his mind is kept occupied. As you know Rosita can wriggle out of her enclosure, and she has done, so that she can go on visits to see him. He is on a diet with supplements of Calcium and vitamin D.
We were shocked to discover that he had advanced Rickets. We were not told that he was a sick child when we received him but we are pleased that he has come to us so that we can give him the care and love needed to cure him. He is a brave little boy, frightened by his new environment but very willing to learn. I think he is going to be Mr. Personality plus.
Today he had a surprise visitor. Gabriela came on one of her regular visits to Sussy. Negro immediately warmed to her and they became great pals. It was wonderful to see the sudden transition in him. He became animated and happy. I think he likes the ladies.

Our picture? Well Gabriela with Negro of course.

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