Friday, March 16, 2007

Totto gets a visit.

I can scarcely believe that a week has fled by since my last post. We have been so busy here at Cañaote. So let us just catch up.
Last Saturday we had a visit from Arquimedes and Ingrid. They came to see Totto and Sophie. The visit was a great success. Totto was obviously delighted to see Ingrid. I took many photographs but for the first time my camera let me down. I had substituted a little used memory card for the usual one and when I came to load into the computer, it was blank. This is a great shame because I thought I had some great shots of Totto’s family with him. The family was interested to see how far we had got in the construction of Totto’s new location. We have now obtained all the wire and the job is now going ahead. We discussed the logistics of moving Totto into the new area. I remind you that Totto is a big monkey and a very proud one. He would not readily allow anyone to pick him up and move him. Ingrid has a special way with him. Our plan is that the enclosure should be complete by the end of the month and that Arquimedes and Ingrid will visit again at that time and assist with the moving operation. I am very pleased with Totto’s redesigned house. But I will wait for another posting to describe it.
Negro also received a visitor in the afternoon.
News from Manrique tells us that Marco and Vicky are both well and happy. We plan a visit to them soon.

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