Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Midweek round up

First, news of Marco and Vicky from Gabriela. I have included a translation in English as well as the original note. Errors in the translation are mine hmmmm..
The photograph shows the two of them together. She is looking skywards. What words would you put in her mouth? Use the comment box.

Hello Philip, I have good news, today in the afternoon Marco mounted Vicky. He never leaves her. He is always with her. Both are very in love, I hope in 6 months we have a grandson. I am very happy with this new news. I will tell you if there is any other new event about them . I say goodbye Gabriela.

Hola Philip, le tengo buenas noticias, hoy en la tarde Marco monto a Vicky, (sexo).
El no la deja tranquila ni un minuto, todo el tiempo esta atras de ella, los dos estan muy enamorados, espero que dentro de 6 meses tengamos un nieto.
Estoy muy contenta con esta nueva noticia.
Cualquier otro nuevo acontecimiento se lo informo.
Me despido

Negro has settled down in his small enclosure and is much bolder and active. He has regained some of his appetite and is taking his milk (fortified with Calcium) without any difficulty. I am optimistic about a full recovery from the Rickets because he is cooperating. His enclosure abuts the dwelling of Mañiña, Schatov, Rosita and MonaLisa and Emma and Nancy. There is considerable interaction between them. He is never bored. Rosita continues to pay him frequent visits, especially at meal times. She invites herself to all his meals.

We continue with the Totto house construction in spite of delays. Completion will probably not be until next week.

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