Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Paradise lost.

I have always thought that Canaote was a paradise and my mission was to care for the children that were brought to me here. In spite of the events I will now recall, I still believe that.
We were attacked by armed bandits again this morning and they held all my staff hostage. This is the 6th time bandits have attacked us here. Young Luis Angel got a very severe blow across the head. The others have been deeply frightened by these people. They stole our old Toyota. The police were about as much use as nothing. Lawlessness has taken over and we live in conditions worse than the Wild West. At least they had Matt Dillon. The long and short of it is, we cannot continue to live here. All my staff without exception have resigned and do not intend to return. The loss of our housekeeper Josephine and Luis Angel is critical
My deep sadness to the people of Venezuela. If you cannot protect the people who love you and want to better and enhance life here, then you enter a new dark age.

My principal concern now is to find another place to live; I have to sell this place of course, as we are not so rich that we can just walk away. I have to find a place where I can erect sufficient enclosures for my 10 monkey children.. That is 5 locations to build.
Maybe our work was finished here. That’s looking at the situation positively. The wages were becoming quite staggering for little or no return. For what we want to do, this farm is just far too big. On selling the place it could be an interesting buy for someone. Perfect grazing for 500 cattle 12 months of the year. It has all the documentation complete required by the new land laws. It could be good for the right people. I am no longer the right people. Any comment you have as a friend would be welcome.
I must say that my commitment to the little red monkeys remains unchanged. I will take them with me wherever I go. I will choose a place suitable for them to be with me. Please have no doubt about my commitment to them.
If you have any suggestions about a location for us to move to, your input will be welcome.
Our horror picture is the five stitches that Luis Angel received on his head wound.

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