Monday, September 18, 2006

Imanol and Schatov will look just like Totto.

When people buy the cute little bundle of red fur along the roadside, they do not realize that they are buying a time bomb. Totto was once small, like Imanol and Schatov. Imanol is charming and naughty simultaneously. He will throw your phone to the floor and then let out a squeak, which more or less says ‘I didn’t know that was going to happen’, then snuggle up to you and smother you with licks. It makes it impossible to reprimand him. Schatov is mainly interested in what you might have to eat. He can be very patient but his hand can dive into your pocket and in a flash he has run off with what he has found. He also steals hats. Emma and Schatov are an inseparable pair. Where Schatov leads, Emma is never far behind. One day maybe, you guess my thoughts? But for now they are very young.
Totto is big, sullen at times, aggressive if he does not know you. It is difficult to determine his mood if you are not in his circle of friends. He is potentially dangerous if you are not wary. In spite of his very macho attitude, he is courteous and respectful to his wife Sophie. He is not a good Christmas present. However, someone once thought so. Take it from me. All monkeys bite and the bigger they are ……

I have been surprised and pleased at the way Totto has worked with me to make a relationship. I don't think he realises that I have been his match maker. But he does recogise me as a friend and that really is something.

Yes in a few years, Imanol and Schatov will look just like Totto.
In our picture you see Totto posing for the camera and in the second picture, Schatov (left ) facing off with Imanol.

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