Friday, September 15, 2006

Female, the toughest sex?

We have had no opportunity to blog over the last few days. We have been traveling, seeking a new home for ourselves and our monkeys. This is a difficult task; Canaote is a hard act to follow. We have traveled widely from near Turmero high up in the mountains and just over the hill to Colonia Tovar, to Manrique in Cojedes, seeking a refuge from banditry and theft. Nevertheless, life goes on here. We all have colds. Totto has a bad one but is responding well to treatment. Marco has completely recovered. Curiously, the females, Sophie, Sussy, MonaLisa, Emma, and Rosita have been immune to the infection. What does this tell you about the strength of the sexes?
We returned from our travels with fruit not grown in Cojedes. Our picture today shows Mañiña enjoying a peach. The other is of Schatov, having a quiet moment in his new residence. Because his new home adjoins our main house, some of the newer pictures of Schatov show him visiting us. He is very domesticated and very comfortable in human company. Recently we found him asleep on David’s bed. More of those pictures on a later posting.

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