Friday, June 23, 2006

Totto at day six

Nearly a week has gone by since Totto arrived and I have to admit that progress has been slow. He is now accustomed to his house and feels comfortable in it and sunbaths in his garden. He uses the bamboo walkways and plays with the ropes. He is a shade less aggressive. I have taken the food route with him. I find interesting fruit in the arboretum like the Surinam Cherries and the Santols and the wonderful Canistel which he loves, he takes all them from me. Occasionally I hear the happy noise from him when I have found something that he particularly likes. I have yet to sit with him as I don't yet trust him entirely. This is something new for me, I have never felt nervous in the company of a Howler before. But I am sure that I am winning him over. He is not puffing up anymore and he has stopped marking out when I am present. I have the patience and I am already very fond of him. I suppose I am waiting for some sign from him that he wants my company. Talking of big Howlers, I have included on this posting, a distant photograph of Roberto, he has become completly wild and it's difficult to get up close any more. Roberto first came to us in May 1999. At that time he weighed only 500 grams. We have some photographs of him in the house bathroom during his potty training. Even then he was very hansom. Finally he decided to leave us and make his own way in the wild. He visits from time to time. He fancies Sussy and comes to woo her. I show this only as a comparison with Totto, who hopefully he will never meet.

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