Monday, June 19, 2006

Did you know that I speak 'Howler'?

This is day three for Totto at Canaote. He has been aggressive I believe because he feels insecure in his new environment. I am sure that he will ease up completely as he becomes sure of his surroundings and the people and monkeys around him. He has spent most of his time here marking out his house and garden. Marking out? Yes, there is an enzyme in the spital whch they transfer to their beards and use that as a brush to mark their surroundings. This is a good sign because when the work is complete he may feel that this really is his home. MonaLisa has shown great interest in him. In fact this morning she entered his house just behind me without me knowing. I quickly put her out as I feel that it is still too early to have them meet face to face. Yesterday they had a conversation through the wires and they both made friendly language. You didn’t know that among my talents I speak Howler? This evening in addition to his vegetable meal he had a leg of chicken and for the first time since he has been here I heard the happy noise. One day I will compile a dictionary of howler words. In non verbal way I think he is telling me something. This afternoon when I entered his house, he left through his garden window and shut the door behind him. Now what was he telling me? Maybe he was waiting to see if I responded to his marking out. In the photograph you can see him in the garden, resting after breakfast.

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