Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Marco, what can I tell you?

Marco rarely gets a mention in these postings. He is two and a half years old, although looking at his size you could be forgiven for thinking that he was much older. I guess he is about six kilos. When he arrived here he weighed a mere five hundred grams and traveled around on Sussy's back. He lives in a large enclosure adjoining Sussy's. We separated him from Sussy when she was sick a few months ago. He wasn't actually hurting her but he would push her and make her cry. Sussy has recovered well and has begun to put on weight and her legs are filling out again with muscle. Since her recovery, we have tried reuniting them, but he still has a tendency to throw the clothing about and generally make a nuisance of himself. His behavior towards Sussy has been better and we will try again later this week to put them back together. You will remember that Sussy now has Sophie for a companion. That friendship has worked out well, although Sophie is a little pushy when it comes to meal times.
Marco scarcely seems to care about being alone in his big enclosure. He is very young an boisterous. Afterall it does adjoin Sussy and Sophie and he interacts with them through the wire. He plays on his swings and ropes in the morning. He sunbaths in the best spots in the afternoon. He always eats well. After the evening chorus, (Hmm... what is this evening chorus?) he puts himself to bed. Marco is always pleased to receive company and I make a particular point of spending a little time with him every day. He does not get much of a mention because he has no real problems and is carefree. When you visit, spend some time with him. The worst he will do is run off with your hat. He is quite an entertainer.

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