Monday, June 19, 2006

Complex relations

Recently we had a reorganization of the relationships of some of our monkeys. Sussy had been unwell for about a month and Marco her partner did nothing to help. He did not hurt her but he persisted in pushing her and making her cry. We decided at least for the duration of her sickness that we would separate them.. They have a very large enclosure which is naturally divided into two parts. Simply by closing the communicating door we were able to give them both their own space. This was a successful move and now Sussy has been restored to good health we are loath to change things. We had another social problem with Sophie. Sophie doesn’t like new comers. She took an instant dislike to Imanol, the youngest of our children, and had she not been restrained she would have attacked him. We experimented with putting Sophie with Sussy and after a few days of complaint from her, she has more or less settled down with Sussy. She is very devoted to MonaLisa and it took quite some courage on our part to separate them. MonaLisa is after all Sophie’s surrogate mother. Now that leaves MonaLisa looking for a friend. She likes Imanol but at the moment he is resisting the friendship, he still associates MonaLisa with Sophie. Well the way ahead maybe that MonaLisa will couple up with Totto. She is already showing an interest, or she may become mum to Imanol. So you think that human relationships are complicated, then try sorting this lot out.
In the photograph Sophie is above and Sussy below.

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