Sunday, August 31, 2008

Local Supplier 'Cosan', makes magnificent gift

HPIM1280 On Friday evening a large lorry arrived at Canaote carrying one hundred sacks of cement. The co operative farm workers assisted in moving the sacks to a safe dry location along the corridor of the main house. The cement was a magnificent gift to us from the major supplier 'Çosan'. The owner of Cosan, Felice Costamagna, had visited Canaote earlier in the day. He took a keen interest in the children and stayed with them several hours. Clearly he could see how important our work here is and wanted to do something to help. We were able to explain to him why we were appealing for help with the cost of cementing the ground in all our enclosures. Having listened to our explanation he responded at once with this wonderful gift and true to his promise the lorry arrived later the same day with the cement load.

We want this cementing to be done well and professionally. We have reached an agreement with a local group to do the work. This is cement and cannot be allowed to stand around. The work has to be done now.


We are thrilled with this response to our appeal. Many people have sent donations, which will be used to obtain more sacks of cement needed to complete the work. You may remember that we need a total of two hundred sacks to cover all the ground beneath the enclosures. If you have a donation just waiting to be sent, now is the time.

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Gabriela de Olivieri said...

Philip estoy muy feliz por esa gran donaciòn que le hizo el Sr. Felice de la ferreteria Cosan, y estoy segura que otras personas de buen corazòn van a colaborar para mejorar los recintos de los niños.