Sunday, August 10, 2008

From our garden.

I have never made much mention of the produce of our botanic garden. The garden is actually a major contributor to the variety of food we are able to give our monkeys. Our pictures show white egg plant or aubergine, a large pumpkin, these are among the vegetables and there is a wide variety of fruit. Our picture shows Palm nuts (being held by the helper in the blue shirt)and Santol (on the scales), these are real favorites with the children, and Cherry tomatoes (although we also grow normal size ones) but these are only a few of the many hundreds of fruit we have in the botanic garden. Just to name a few. Mango, Gallup nut, Coco nut, Surinam cherry, Star fruit, Governors plum, Nispero , Banana, Mandarin, Oranges. One of my favorites and certainly theirs is the cactus fruit Pitahya this is the red fruit shown parted centrally. All of these and many more find a way to the feeding trays of our monkeys.

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