Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gis a kiss!

Maniña is a four year old male red Howler. The name Maniña, in Spanish is a female one. He was first thought to be a girl but the human family never got around to changing his name. Getting the sex wrong with Howlers is a common mistake. The female gentilia are external and give the appearance of the male organ.
Maniña came to us from a family in Aruagua, Venezuela. He is highly domesticated. Quite used to dining out in restaurants, is house trained, you might sometimes pass him on his way out of the loo. Confidentially he wouldn't be seen dead in diapers. He loves cleaning his teeth and he really does clean them, not just bite the brush. Altogether an exceptional Howler monkey. To top it all, he is crazy about kisses. You see him in this picturs delivering a smacker to our friend Gabriela.

Well love is in the air because not to be outdone, Lucio demonstrates that he is also a good kisser. Again he is a very sophisticated person. He loves human company as well as his monkey friends. Don't wear your 'kiss me quick' hat when your in his company because just before you get the wet smaker, you will loose your hat.


Gabriela de Olivieri said...

Yo amo a Maniña, es un mono super cariñoso, y es raro que con su edad el tenga ese caracter, porque cuando ellos llegan a la edad de 2 o 3 años, ellos comienzan a mostrar su verdadero caracter que no es tan simpatico.
Cuando voy a visitar a los monos, al primero que voy a ver es a Maniña, porque siempre esta de buen humor y me da muchos besos y abrazos, me encanta.



Sila said...

Beautiful Manina! It's not that the family did not get around to changing his name, but that Manina learned his name and answer to it. So, the decision was not to change it to avoid confusing him. After all, having to explain his name was a great avenue to tell people about these monkeys and how special they are.

Sila said...

Another tale about Manina: my mother used to take him for horse back rides. He loved it, his tale would be around my mothers neck, his left hand would grab her shirt and the left would hold onto her hair. They would GALLOP!, the horse name was Embrujo, and the three of them: horse, monkey and human had a very tight and enjoyable relationship.