Sunday, May 11, 2008

We are broken hearted.

Sad to say that Ella died at 3.30 yesterday morning. She refused food and drink for the whole time she was here. We were able to give her small amounts of milk and suero. Cause of death unknown. She suddenly stretched out her arms and died. I believe that she did not recover from her separation from her mother. It really appeared that she did not want to live. Another tragedy caused by unscrupulous people who trade in their lives.

We tried really hard. She had attention 24 hrs a day. In particular from David who took her to his heart and cared for her night and day for all of the time. She was always being warmed to his chest.

Naturally even though she was with us such a short time, four and a half days, we are broken hearted.
How can we stop this terrible trade?

A dear friend wrote to me the other day.

'Dear Phillip,

Also, I believe that people are buying them to rescue the monkeys. But they are making a mistake. Last year, I went to Cumana City (Sucre state) and on the road I saw two Araguato monkeys in cages for sale.
I just wanted to buy them in order to rescue them, but I remembered the
talks with you and I decided not buy them. I was so sad, because I
left these monkeys in that condition and I knew their future'.

This is a major problem for humane people. When we see the monkeys on sale at the roadside it wrenches the strings of our hearts to walk away. But this is a catch 22 situation. Buy the monkey and save it and this will doom future monkeys. No buyer no trade.

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Anonymous said...

This is so sad! At least you and Dave try your best to save that little baby. I don't know what to say.

Sela Jackson