Saturday, May 17, 2008

A bit about where we live part two.

I am sure you will have notice what a mess I made of the last posting. The pictures of both the little green parrot(Houdina) and the Howler monkey, (Chilin) are missing.
Here is a repeat of the appropriate text.

The little green parrot
'The little green parrot in our photograph is very intelligent. They talk and mimic in the most realistic way. This one is female and we call her Houdina after the great escapologist. She loves opening padlocks and any type of enclosure. ‘Laurel’ is the local name for this bird. I always think of them as flying monkeys because of their great intelligence.'

Monkeys two pictures Capuchin (the grey monkey) Red Howler the brown monkey.
Regular readers will know that there are perhaps twenty families of Howler in the deep forest on the side of our small mountain. In a tree, only two hundred meters from our house, there is a group of forty Capuchins, young and old. The early morning call of the Howlers is deafening. At six in the morning you would need no alarm clock. Our pictures show two residence of our Center ‘Chilin’ a young Howler and Pancho the Capuchin.

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