Friday, May 16, 2008

Eslabon can make me feel guilty.

Eslabon is a lovely monkey. We were told that he came from a loving environment on the 2nd of August 2007. Although his human family have not visited him or even inquired about his wellbeing since then. Even though his family are quite local. We assume he was loved because we were told so. He arrived penniless, without toys, bedding or anything to show that he was cared for. I have a feeling that he was just dumped here. Well that is their loss. He demands human company. Whenever he catches sight of me, even in the distance, he runs to the perimeter of his enclosure and cries out for me. I can't always oblige because we have fourteen monkeys in our care. But whenever I have the time, I make a visit. He is so happy when I do. He nuzzles against me and makes the typical happy noise. He sits very close to me and purrs like a cat. It is difficult to pull away, and I always feel bad when I leave him. I know he would like to be with me all the time. Sometimes during the day I bring him into my quarters, where he will sit patiently whilst I complete work on the computer or maybe he will do a mild investigation of the room. He is second in line in his group. He shares with ManiƱa, Miss Billy and Tutti. When he is not looking for me, he plays with the others. He is particularly adept at jumping into the hammock and displacing the colored balls. It really is a pleasure to spend time with this loving person.

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