Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Lucio's new house arrives.

You will have read about the family of Lucio building a house for him. I published a suggested construction for the house. There have to be certain basic requirements like the ability to withstand heavy rainstorms and provide shelter against the sun. The construction also has to take into account the vigorous activity of insects in this area so close to the forest. You will see from our photograph that the house has been built to a very high standard. (Way beyond my specification). Its two floors and two doors make it eminently practical for monkey habitation, they love it. It is also a very pretty house with a garden scene pained on the sides. Lucio and Maniña have already had great games around it, chasing each other through the doorways and up and down the staircase, yes it has a stair case. A human child, being given this house would think that they had a very superior dolls house. We thank Lucio's family for this wonderful gift and even more for the trouble of transporting it to us from Caracas.

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Gabriela de Olivieri said...

Philip que casa mas linda, parece una casa de muñecas, estoy segura que a Lucio le va a gustar mucho, pero mas le gusta su cuello o su cabeza para pasar el día.