Monday, December 03, 2007

A new house in a new way

Something different is happening at Cañaote. We provide large enclosures for our children. We try as far as possible to make these locations as natural and forestlike as possible. We always include live trees and we supply fresh leaves and flowers from the forest every day. The enclosure has to cope with a variety of climatic conditions. So each location has at least one house although several of our gardens have more than one. These houses must cope with heavy rain in the wet season and sometimes strong winds. For the whole year the temperature rises quite sharply after midday, so the residence must be capable of providing shade. This is also necessary in the dry season. We achieve this by building an insulated box with two doors; monkeys always like to have a backdoor for escape. Then above this an open area or under roof level which is simply covered by a roof, allowing air to flow freely but still providing shelter from either the sun or the rain. Building these houses is a routine that we have whenever we make a new location.
What is new this time is that Lucio’s human family has made a significant contribution enabling us to build a rather special location for him. There will be pictures of this as soon as it is complete. The work is going ahead very fast and we are expecting it to be complete this week. Another unusual feature is that they have also volunteered to construct the house. This is the first time that a family has been actually involved in the construction of an enclosure by making or building something. Formerly families have made financial contributions but never actually hands on.

Our picture today is the first working diagram of the house. It will be interesting to compare it with the final result as it evolves.

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