Saturday, November 17, 2007

Why is she such a loner?

Somehow Maniña is always in the news these days. Maybe it’s because he is a very attractive monkey. You remember that he fell out of favor with Lala. We had to close the partition between their enclosures. We have yet to try to reconcile these good people. In the meantime, I was concerned because Maniña was lonely. Howlers hate being alone and even less like sleeping alone. We decided on a new daily routine for him. Now, he has breakfast in his own enclosure. Then he visits Eslabon. You may remember that Miss Billy also visits Eslabon in the daytime, to take advantage of his lovely garden and laze on the sunny branches. Late afternoon just as the sun is going down; he goes back to his own enclosure. At this time Miss Billy moves to my quarters in preparation for the night. At about suppertime, Maniña joins her in my quarters. I hope that was not too complicated. Up to this time Miss Billy has not been very sociable. She sleeps in her box and Maniña sleeps alongside me. Last night I had cause to get up during the night and when I returned I found the two of them sharing her box. Every day I find Miss Billy beginning to come out of her shell. She is learning to be a monkey. I just wish I had more information about her past. Why is she to frightened? Why is she such a loner? Then perhaps I would be able to understand her fears and help her overcome them.

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