Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lucio meets some new friends.

Lucio arrived yesterday afternoon with his family. As you can see from the photograph he is very handsome. He is in good health with a fine coat.
Lucio is one and half years old. He is his family’s darling. He showed real grief when he was parted from them. I know they will miss this little boy but they have done the right thing. Here at Canaote he will learn to be a monkey and soon have a lot of monkey friends. There is no doubt that he is sad. He feels this lost for the second time. We have a few challenging days ahead of us. His loss will be uppermost in his mind for some days. I have seen this situation many times. The more the monkey was loved, the harder the parting. The good news is that time heals. He will never forget his human family. But he will soon learn to live his own life among his own people.
Last night he shared quarters with me and Miss Nancy. He was really too unhappy to enjoy her company. Today he has begun to get used to his new home. He is eating well and tonight promises to be a little easier.
Earlier yesterday afternoon, he showed his intelligence by breaking out of Eslabon’s garden. He is the first monkey to find a flaw in the fence. Some great minds have tried. For example, ManiƱa has spent many hours looking for a way out. Tomorrow the staff will repair the escape route and Lucio will be able to return there for the afternoon.

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Gabriela de Olivieri said...

Es muy lindo Lucio, se ve muy sano y con hermoso pelo, espero conocerlo pronto.