Saturday, November 24, 2007

Miss Billy is on the way

It is worth noting the improvement in Miss Billy's health. She came to us just on two months ago. She was suffering from a severe case of Ricketts. The treatment has been fairly large doses of calcium every day together with lots of sunshine and TLC.(Tender Loving Care).
We setup low level bamboo walkways for her, so she was able to get around the enclosure and get to the sunny spots without the danger of falling. At that time she was nervous and slow in getting around on the bamboo.
She is not yet completely cured but she now negotiates the bamboo with speed and confidence and is quite clever manipulating the ropes.
Her physical appearance has also improved. Her back is less curved and her walk is almost normal. Unfortunately nothing can be done about the lost teeth in the front of her mouth, presumably ripped out to prevent this tiny soul from biting.
I also see an improvement mentally. She is now more inclined to mix with the others and is quite friendly with Tutti and ManiƱia. She still has a long way to go but she is on the way.

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