Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The world is a safer place, amen

There is more news on the attack that we sustained, actually the last two attacks. You will remember reading that two of the attackers were shot dead by some unknown vigilante. I published the story on the Blog with a gruesome photograph. Well the latest on that is that there was another miscreant and that he was involved in both attacks. Well to my surprise he has met the same fate. This happened only yesterday. Again a vigilante has crept up on him in the night and blown him away with a shot gun. (Not guilty my Lord). Those that live by the sword etc.. It would not be Christian to laud his death but it would not be human if I did not sleep sounder as a result. I pray for his immortal soul. Clearly this gang has upset someone in a big way and he/she has wiped them out. By the way, my wound has completely healed up and gives me no trouble at all.

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