Friday, April 06, 2007

There is a new Blog about Howler Monkeys

'Forget me not' is a blog about the children at Canaote. We try to give you a day by day account of their lives. This is of interest to us and the people who have brought their children here.
There are other matters concerning Howler monkeys in the world outside. I have always felt that this was not the place to talk about those concerns. FGMN is about the children of Canaote.
I decided that I would experiment with the idea of a second blog which would have a more general appeal. This would allow me to comment on Howler Monkey activities in the world at large. I have no intention of changing the routine on FGMN. This will continue always as before. But this new blog will allow me to talk about activities concerning Howler Monkeys in general.
If you would like to support this new blog, the address is shown here.

I will arrange a link to the site from here. Take a look, you might like the layout because it has some new features like News searches. If there is anything you see that you would like me to incorporate here, just tell me.

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