Friday, April 20, 2007

Negro steps out

Last Sunday, whilst the focus of attention was on Schatov a miracle occurred. Negro was introduced to Totto's new enclosure. Basically we wanted to see what his reaction would be when confronted with the bamboo walkways. As you can see from the photograph, he was quite confident and comfortable on the bamboo. When he arrived here some two months ago he showed no skill in anything needing strength in the wrists. In fact on that occasion he fell to the ground whilst attempting to negotiate his way across a small section of walkway. This is what most firmly indicated to us that he had rickets, which is a childhood disease characterized by softening of the bones (caused by a deficiency of vitamin D, and poor metabolism of calcium and phosphorus).
We received expert veterinary advice on his condition. Basically we were told to confine him to small secure area, where he could not fall. He was to have a calcium dietary supplement twice a day and as much sunshine as possible. We have vigorously carried out this routine and now we can
say that Negro is greatly improved. Yes, his back legs are still bowed and I doubt whether those bones will change but his wrists are greatly strengthened. He no longer walks on his forearms. This indicated that the pressure on his wrists is no longer giving him pain. The backbone was formerly quite sharp to the feel and now is somewhat rounded. Altogether, our opinion is that he is recovering noticeably. He now moves quite rapidly across the wire of his small hospital. This is just the beginning I am sure. He is nearly ready to be given a place with the others. We have been thinking about a companion for him. Possibly Sussy would like to adopt him or perhaps he would be better with the group around MonaLisa. We will be introducing him to the others gradually over the next few weeks to see where he will best fit in. Yes, truly a miracle has happened in these few short weeks.

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