Friday, April 17, 2015

Mango season at Canaote.

It´s mango season at Cañaote. Whilst we see wild monkeys every day of the year in the canopy above our facility. It is in mango season that the visitors come in large numbers- We see whole families sitting together Males with several females and their children- The children are particularly fascinating to watch. They play so hard at great height, I wonder that there is never an accident. They have the built in safety techniques that that any steeple jack would envy.
Watching them play, free in the forest, reminds me of the less fortunate who have been captured by man an now sit in tiny cages in someone's apartment. Pampered like a small child?. Nah! Baby bottle instead of mother, Nappies instead of the wind around their legs. Shame on man.
My picture is a wild male adult. A frequent visitor and a connoisseur of our mangoes.

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