Monday, February 11, 2008

A book at bedtime

Lucio,Schatov and Moñito spend their day in Garden Lucio, There they have bamboo walkways, ropes and ladders and a hammock full of colored plastic balls. After a full and energetic day they are tired. At about five in the evening they return to our house for the night. They have not yet asked to stay in Casa Lucio overnight. Schatov sleeps in his own enclosure adjoining my quarters (he often pops in for a cuddle at bedtime). I know you will like this photograph, taken this evening. Moñito has just yawned after a full day playing in the sun. Lucio has just thrown out the cushion. Moñito will cuddle up against Lucio for the night. A few moments after this picture was taken, they were fast asleep. They are above the bookshelf in David's room. I call this picture, ‘a book at bedtime'. No wonder that they are so intelligent with so many books to read.


Patricia said...

Hola Moñito sales demasiado bello en esa foto, que bueno que ya estas durmiendo con Lucio para que le des un merecido descanso a Philip. Te quiero y te extraño mucho, tu mamá.

Anonymous said...

hola mi moñito saliste bellisimo en esa foto. Me alegro de que duermas con Lucio, asi dejas descansar a Philip. Por aqui te extraño mucho, te visitare pronto te quiero y te requeteextraño tu mama