Tuesday, February 26, 2008

An exciting afternoon.

Lots of pictures this evening. What beautiful hands Schatov has! Howlers are not known for great dexterity with their hands but Schatov makes up for this with very long and elegant fingers. But that is not all because he uses them with unhowlerlike ability. Given a piece of chicken, he will hold it in both hands, turn it and select the best parts to eat first. He has learned skills that wild monkeys do not have. You see him here in the photograph, resting only momentarily in the hammock before throwing himself back into the fray.
Lucio has been very mischievous today. And you can read the mischief in his face in our picture. First grabbing my hat and making off to the other side of the enclosure with it and then returning, without it, to pull my hair. Finally I had to chase him around the hammock to get my hat back. He deposited it under a pile of balls in the hammock, hoping I suppose that I would not see it.

Moñito has been equally active. When the melee started he joined in and regardless of his small size, was in there with the big boys.
All together it was an exciting afternoon with hats and balls flying. I finally retired exhausted. They looked triumphant.


Anonymous said...

Thaks for charing with us that exciting afternoon, Philip!

Give a big kiss to all the nice spoild childs of cañaote, specially to my beloved Schatushka!

Kindess regards!


Anonymous said...

Eso Moñito!!!!, dale duro a esos monos y somételos, como te enseño tu mami...
Muchos besos.
Tu mami que te extraña.