Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halit Khoshen Happy Birthday.

It is bad fortune that leads a wild animal into Captive care.
When an animal is sick or infirm it is unavoidable
When an animal has lost the savage skills because of long term internment with humans, again captive care is a possible temporary option.
For others freedom is lost.
I have created swings, rings, walkways, roundabouts, miniature big dippers. and several types of rides for the children in my care. Every enclosure has a variety  of these toys and they are rotated.
I have long realised that captive creatures need activity.
The alternative is depression, which is a killer.
 You book on enrichment is inspiring. It gave me a new impetus to create diversions and enrichments.
God bless you on your birthday.
Halit Khoshen,. worker in the cause of all animals

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