Friday, July 04, 2014

Under the bonnet. A note specially written for Primate Rescue network.

Under the hood. Specially Written In A notation for the Primate Rescue Network.

Canaote is dedicated to the rescue and restoration to the forest of monkeys in Venezuela. The monkeys that are brought to us have been rescued from abuse or have become unwanted pets. The release program entails the retraining of the monkey to adapt to wild life. But only rarely do we go heroically into the forest with monkeys for release. It is not a daily event because in most cases they have had only a few months with their mother, before being captured and sold into slavery. This training can be lengthy, in some cases running into several years. When they arrive at Canaote they must be kept apart from the other monkeys for a period of upto forty days. This quarantine period is to ensure that they are free of any communicable disease. And to allow time for tests such as blood excrement and urine. Our picture shows the quarantine enclosure. This has  been specially designed by us to give maximum safety to the monkey and safety and facility to the careperson.
On the extreme left and extending beyond the enclosure, is the eating place. This is covered against sun and rain. This has two doors, one for the monkey to enter and the other for the presentation of food and for cleaning and plate collection. There are two other larger compartments, connected by a small door. One on the extreme right is the resting or sleeping area. On the left of this a place for play. The sleeping area is accessed by double doors. The quarantine enclosure has been designed to allow the monkey to be safely positioned when cleaning or other operations are needed. When the quarantine period is complete the monkey then takes its place in a much larger enclosure and is able to share with other monkeys. Then the assessment is made. Is the monkey suitable for release or is this its final home? Young monkeys are best suited to release. Some of the older monkeys have spent too long in apartments and with humans and are just too dependent on us. Very difficult to teach the older one the streetwise of the forest.
Friday, July 4, 2014

Under the canopy. Especially written in a notation for the Primate Rescue Network. Yes Canaote dedicated to the rescue and reforestation of forest monkeys in Venezuela. Monkeys What nes arrive, have been rescued from abuse or because they have become unwanted Pets. The liberalization program involves retrofitting monkey suit Paragraph wildlife. No daily Indeed, since in most cases, these monkeys have dyed Months or Days SOME do with mother, that of before being captured and sold as pets. This flower long service training, in some cases, it may take several Jahr. From the time they reach Canaote Must Stay Apart Another monkey a period of forty days. This is to ensure a quarantine period of Parr that are free from any contagious disease. And give UN TESTS Lee Parr stories as time, urine and blood. Our picture shows the quarantine room. This has been especially designed by Parr We jumpsuit and Security Maximum Security facility who is responsible for cleaning the blood and Power. At the extreme left and extending beyond the enclosure, location is the corner Parr. It's not something that corresponds with the sun and rain. The doors have DOS, One For The Monkey Parr ENTER AND OTHER For presentation of food, for cleaning and collection tray. There are two more large compartments connected by a small door. One on the far right is the rest area or pleasure. To the left of this, the sin Parr Play Place. The sleeping area adhere Yes Serving the double doors. The quarantine room has been designed to allow Parr That monkey is positioned safely when it is necessary to clean the blood or other operations. By itself PERIOD When finished monkey Hague Campus Quarantine Far UN United Nations Much bigger where you can share with other monkeys. Down Yes Make evaluation. Mono is right for the Liberation o Try to do it in the final at home? Monkeys young son the right Parr launch. Some of the old monkeys have in the last too long in the apartments and scams and humans are too dependent on us. It's Hard to Teach Al Mas Viejo without Surviving in the jungle.

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