Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm getting married in the morning.

Chiquitin on the right with a bowl of milk and Zeus wearing diapers.

...ding dong the bells are going to chime. Feather and tar me, but don't use the
army, and get me to the church, get me to the church on time!"

Words from 'My Fair Lady'.

There was a fine surprise for Chiquetin when he woke up this morning. He found that he just got married. A few days ago we had a call from our friend Gabriela. She had been contacted by an acquaintance in Caracas during her visit there. The friend had a Capuchin female. The monkey was very much loved but was causing problems with the neighbours. This is a frequent reason why people bring their monkeys to us. The friend enquired whether it was possible for Canaote to accept her. We already have three male Capuchins but no females. Now males are difficult for us to accept because they need separate accommodation. Male adults always fight and this can be to the death.

But this was a little white haired girl aged approximately three years.

We hoped that she would be a mate for Chiquetin since he was young also with a light coat. We agreed to accept her. Gabriela kindly transported her from Caracas to us last night and the little girl spent the night in our house. This morning she made the acquaintance of Chiquetin. Fortunately all went well with the meeting and I am fairly certain that they will make a pair. They have been sitting close to each other although not as yet interacting. Patience is needed at this stage. She is eating well although she is still suspicious of all the humans around her. She will have to get used to a different life here. Formerly she uses diapers but here in an open enclosure she will not need them. She is also used to a daily shampoo. Here she will have to wash herself. The great plus for her is that she will have monkey company and live in an area with trees and toys on a big scale. Her name is Zeus. Yes you guessed it. Zeus is a boys name. Typically she was thought to be a boy and only later found to be a beautiful young lady. Too late to change her name.

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